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“The Hive Apartment” Graffiti House in Melbourne

Graffiti als Inspirationsquelle für Wohnarchitektur – “The Hive Apartment” in Melbourne. Entworfen durch den Architekten Zvi Belling des Architekturbüros ITN Architects. Mehr zum Projekt gibt es hier.

English Abstract: Graffiti writing meets architecture –The Hive Apartment was designed by architect Zvi Belling of ITN Architects. This site was specifically selected for a graffiti/architecture project. The ideas in the building have been refined over time by the designer in prior competitions, publications and collaborations with street artists. The architect developed the project with his neighbour (aka Prowla), a respected old school Melbourne graffiti ‘writer’ who contributed the design of the graffiti letters. The external precast concrete walls of the apartments are inscribed with these letters and other hip hop iconography.” Read more…

via / Mail, thanks Jakob

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