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raumlaborberlin und Bronco

Zusammenarbeit vom raumlaborberlin und Bronco in Kreuzberg. Schönes Statement zur aktuellen Entwicklung von Kreuzberg und dem gerade geplatzten Traum der Stadt vom BMW Guggenheim Lab. Danke!

For this years Roskilde Festival several european capitals build entrance-gates incorporating the typical styles, topics and issues of the different cities. For Berlin the Raumlabor collective created a typical construction site fence bearing a large sign, which announces the construction of another supermall. It was built around a streetcorner in the district of Kreuzberg, which is in the midst of a gentrification process which heats the atmosphere in Berlin quite a lot. More and more people have to leave Kreuzberg and other areas to make way for a wealthier clientel which prefers luxury owner-occupied flats.

I was asked to deliver some slogans which i painted on the actual fence. Thanks to everyone involved!!

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