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DIY Spray Paint Tutorial

Lustige Farbbastelei. DIY Sprühdose / Flasche. Werde ich bei Gelegenheit bestimmt mal ausprobieren. Hier gehts zur Anleitung.

Making your own custom spraypaint is easy and produces some interesting results. They don’t sell the exact colour you’re looking for, or you just want to a use for all those old almost-empty cans of paint you have hidden in your garage. Time to put them to good use and make your own spray paint!

Using the spray mechanism found in standard spray cans and some common discarded items you can make your own spray paint. This project uses a bicycle pump to pressurize a small PET pop bottle, and by varying the amount of pressure you pumped into the ‘can’ and the types of paint added you can produce different effects. The style I got based on the paints I used and the pressure applied is reminiscent of a graffiti mop style.Read on…

Bild: instructables.com

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