Phil America – Failure of the America

Phil America – Failure of the America

Der Kalifornische Künstler Phil America hat einen Monat lang in der größten Zeltstadt San Jose’s, oder auch „The Jungle“ genannt, der USA gelebt. In der Siedlung im Silicon Valley leben rund 1.200 Menschen.


Die Arbeit „Failure of the America“ wird ab dem 25. August 2014 in Form einer Ausstellung in der Clockwork Factory in London zu sehen sein.

In Failure of the American Dream, Phil America draws the audience into yet another dangerous month of living far below the poverty line, this time in San Jose’s The Jungle, America’s largest Tent City. In this piece, Phil lives each day with its residents and learns to defend himself in an autonomous society where its residents are surrounded with violence and despair on a daily basis. This project will be presented in a sculptural form with the tent and all of its contents, accompanied by a multi-channel video installation.

After spending a month in the tattered slums of Thailand, Phil America showcases the difference between countries and the similarities of desperation. This project is an exploration of Third World America, and the many left struggling with the daily nightmare of survival while getting lost in the promises of an American Dream.

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Artist Contribution | All Pictures © Phil America

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