No Ad Day 2014 – Werbefreie Stadt für einen Tag
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No Ad Day 2014 – Werbefreie Stadt für einen Tag

Werbefreie Stadt für einen Tag – Am 27. November 2014 fand der weltweite „No Ad Day“ statt. An diesem Tag im Jahr soll der öffentlich Raum aller Städte für einen Tag werbefrei sein. Dies umzusetzen, sind alle aufgerufen, sich zu beteiligen.

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Mehr Bilder vom No Ad Day 2014 gibt es auf der Facebookseite der Initiative.

Over-consumption and the unchecked use of our natural resources to serve that consumption, is wreaking havoc on our environment and on our minds. Our unabated need for the latest products and ideas leaves us only wanting more, at the expense of the world around us. Fueling this unchecked desire is a commercial media whose goal is the promotion of more consumption through every outlet known. Newspapers, Magazines, Television, the Internet, and even the Public Space that we collectively share, all serve to promote our desire for more.

In an effort to examine the issue of over-consumption, “Buy Nothing Day” began in 1992 by artist Ted Dave, and participants were asked to refrain from purchasing goods for 24hrs. 22 years later this single act of defiance has grown into a worldwide movement that now takes place in 65 countries and includes thousands of participants. We have begun “NO AD Day” in solidarity with the “Buy Nothing Day” movement, and as an extension of our activist projects dealing with outdoor advertising in Public Space. Participants in “NO AD Day” are asked to remove as much outdoor advertising as they can the day before Buy Nothing Day, in an effort to eliminate the commercial media messages which dominate our public spaces.

We believe that curbing our over-consumption requires we take a hard look at the commercial messages which dominate all media outlets, and whose conceits we cannot escape. We also believe that extraditing ourselves from the commercial media system is the best way to gain control over our consumption behaviors. Our public spaces, dominated by commercial media, make gaining distance impossible. By eliminating the commercial media which dominate our public spaces we can begin to more fully gain control of our desire to consume, and address the issues surrounding “Buy Nothing Day”, and the rampant over consumption which threatens our civilization.

“NO AD Day” is about controlling the over saturation of our minds and environment by commercial media, so that we might address our consumptive needs in a more meaningful and productive way.

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  • sagt: 3. Dezember 2014 um 16:52

    Werbefreier Tag

    Am 27. November fand der weltweite No Ad Day statt. Dass ich davon erst jetzt, einige Tage später, erfahre, zeit eigentlich, dass das durchaus noble Vorhaben zumindest in Deutschland eher weniger gefruchtet hat. Natürlich keine Wunder, sind das ja Mass…