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Herakut & aptART „Displaced Thoughts“ Ausstellung in Berlin

16. Mai 2015, 18:00 - 30. Mai 2015, 20:00

Das Künstlerduo Herakut stellt Mitte Mai in Berlin aus. Auf Einladung von Urban Nation zeigen Herakut + aptART + Friends unter dem Titel „Displaced Thoughts“ eine Auswahl von Arbeiten und Gedanken in den Räumlichkeiten in der Bülowstraße.


Bild: Herakut (2015)

Ausstellungstext Herakut and aptART are pleased to present DISPLACED THOUGHTS, a collection of paintings, photographs and installations highlighting the work of individuals and organizations across the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented rise in the movement of goods, information, capital, and people from place to place around the world. An estimated 51.2 million people are forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations. Conflict and globalization are mixing the world into a state of existence unimagined by past generations. Humanity is confronted with ideas of terrorism and fear, contradicting cultures and diverse religious beliefs. At a time of extreme change it is more vital than ever for humans think on a global scale of equality. At the foundations of equality is allowing platforms for people to express and exchange ideas. Through the work of individuals and organizations DISPLACED THOUGHTS provides a platform for ideas and insights into the conflicts and refugee crises currently affecting humanity. The exhibition explores the placement of resources, intentions and perspectives from individuals as well as international media, aid agencies and governments. While raising difficult issues, the art inspires optimism for a new generation, one that is not divided by ignorance but unified by respect for humanity.

Vernissage 16. Mai 2015
Ausstellung 16.-30. Mai 2015

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16. Mai 2015, 18:00
30. Mai 2015, 20:00


Bülowstraße 97
Berlin, 10783

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