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Introducing VladyArt. Vor kurzem bin ich mit dem in Italien lebenden Streetart Künstler VladyArt in Kontakt gekommen. Hier eine kleine Auwahl an Arbeiten, mehr gibt es auf seiner Website.

VladyArt über sich…

Art is my passion since I was few years old. All children are artists; a few of them will never stop drawing. If I didn’t stop was surely thank to my father, a painter and a sculptor.

I had an early passion for cities, topography, landscapes and maps. The city is a modern man jungle; it was impossible not to consider this artificial environment for me.

I have touched a number of styles and media, however, my subject has been mostly urban throwout the time.

At a certain moment of my life I was into other business and jobs, feeling very uncreative or too busy to be free. But it was a sort of positive reset: by 2005 I gradually moved to the outdoor experience, toward street art, almost unconsciously. My intention was to paint outdoor, even as a public performance. I didn’t have a past as a writer = graffiti artist, but just an interest for land art and similar attitudes.

Street art is in the mean time a radical change with the history and a continuous line with the recent past. It is pop and post pop. It is punk and post punk. It is conceptual and popular, accessible, democratic, free.

My art became fully “street” by 2009. I started signing my artworks using my internet site. Signing was a sort of protest, a way to reclaim the space, publicly. For this reason, I never did art anonymously. I believe in this the noble form of vandalism as is the softest social protest ever. However, I know pretty well why the law cannot accept this kind of actions.

One of my favorite theme has been the ladybug. Initially my street art was decorative, illustrative and brush painted. Later on it became more conceptual, essential and communicative. At the present my art is less public and more introspective, hidden. Photography has become the favorite vehicle of communication as the visual encounters are more difficult; The artworks are still left on open air but there is no intention to grab large audiences, directly. They can really result unseen by the most, and the camera is the only witness, beside me.

English abstract: A few days ago I got in touch with the Italian based street artist VladyArt. Check it out.

via Mail | Pictures © VladyArt

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  1. are you serious!?
    that is no art – that is bullshit. Sorry, but that makes me unfollowing you…

  2. naaa, there’s a thin thin line between art and bullshits. And that’s the playground for artists. It’s intentional for many to leave “proper” art and start bullshitting around. Art means many things; no art can be Art.