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Mr Peluche: “Make Love not War”

Mini Streetart Installationen aus der Serie “My summer of love – Make Love not War” von Künstler und Straßenmusiker Mr Peluche, installiert und fotografiert diesen Sommer in Berlin. Der neue “Porno Slinkachu” würde ich sagen.

// ENG //English abstract: The new ”Porn Slinkachu” hits the streets of Berlin this summer. 1:87 scale figures (about 2 cm small) from the series ”My summer of love – Make Love not War” in Berlin made by Mr Peluche.

I am a young micro-sculptor & miniaturist working with 1:87 scale figures about 2cm high, which I assemble and (re)paint mostly. Most of them have their unique style, some of them are just sold like seen on my pages. Currently I present some photos of my street installation project “My summer of love”, which I took between May and October 2012 in the wonderful city of Berlin. Have fun and a beautiful day full of love and peace.

via Mail – thanks! | Pictures © Mr Peluche

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