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Tika in Atlanta & St. Gallen

TIKA / MRS. WENDAL / Atlanta (Living Walls Conference) / 2012

“The piece is called MRS. WENDAL a dedication to the Arrested Development song Mr. Wendal who is about the struggle of homeless people. The building is home of a music-hall since 60! years and so this woman braces the building, listening to what is going on inside ’cause she ain’t got much but music. the size is about 40x20m and 70x20m.”

TIKA / A DAY AT THE RIVER / St. Gallen (Kunstbaustelle Morant) / 2012

water is my favourite element and once again a summer full of diving,  cannon balls and swimming in the river turns to an end. …  and I still haven’t had enough :) so I painted this woman half in the  water half reflecting…. with things in reality sometimes beeing  much smaller than they seem in the mind.

Ich mag die Arbeiten von Tika sehr. Gerade hat die Street Art Künstlerin zwei neue Murals in Atlanta (Living Walls Conference) und St. Gallen (Kunstbaustelle Morant) gemalt.

via Mail, danke!

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