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The Red Swing Project

Sehr schöne Sache: Mit dem Red Swing Project werden seit vielen Jahren rote Schaukeln im öffentlichen Raum installiert. Angefangen hat ales 2007 in New Orleans als Post-Katrina-Projekt.

“The Mission: We strive to positively impact under-utilized public spaces with simple red swings.

The Story: The Red Swing Project started in February 2007 as an urban intervention within the city of Austin, Texas. Our swings are made of red painted wood and hung using retired rock climbing rope. Over the years, we have hung over 150 red swings in USA, India, Thailand, Brasil, Taiwan, South Korea, France, Spain, Portugal, Haiti and Poland.

The red swing remains the constant while the environmental backdrops and cultural contexts change from place to place.

We pay particular attention to public response to this familiar object set in an unfamiliar place.

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