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luzinterruptus: “Plastic garbage guarding the museum”

Neue Straßeninstallation “Plastic garbage guarding the museum” von luzinterruptus in Winthertur (CH).

“The past month of June we went to Switzerland with our lights, invited by the Gewerbemuseum of Winthertur to form part of the Oh, Plastiksack!, monographic exhibition on plastic bags curated by Ida-Marie Corell and Susanna Kumschick.

As always, we chose to work in the street, just because we wanted the whole world to be able to see what we were doing and how we were doing it.

The monographic theme being the bags, we wanted to collect the largest number of them from among the inhabitants of the city, our friends at the museum had the wonderful idea of exchanging bags for tickets to visit the exhibitions, a very interesting proposition that helped to collect more than 5,000 bags and a lot of visitors eager to take a free tour of a museum of applied arts as exemplary and didactic as theGewerbemuseum.

For our piecePlastic garbage guarding the museum, we chose the most colorful and luxurious bags from among the thousands that were donated and with them we filled two large containers that were located on either side of the main door of the building. We placed light inside them and left them for the next 4 months to see how they evolve.

The first few days of the installation were the most striking and spectacular, with all the bags perfectly placed and filled with air. After a few weeks the display was no longer as pleasing to the eye and surely after 4 months it will look truly decrepit…“ weiter lesen…

Bilder: © Gustavo Sanabria

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