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Do-it-yourself Zebrastreifen in Moskau

Schöner kleiner Stadt-Hack des Moskauer Partizaning Netzwerk um und mit dem russischen Street Art Künstler Igor Ponosov. Do-it-yourself-Zebrastreifen auf den Straßen von Moskau, um das Queren von starkbefahren Straßen für Fußgänger zu erleichtern.

Two zebra crossings appeared near Kievskaya metro station and directly next to the Ecoloft commune on Pyatnitskaya street. We were silly, and didn’t film pedestrians who ran in the the road before. But, more importantly, they can now safely cross.

White stripes are subtly different from the official ones, but appearing handmade only emphasizes the main message: do it yourself. I want to draw attention to the fact that the sign is also handmade too.

Auszug aus dem Manifest von Partizaning: “Partizaning is not just the name of our website. It is also a term to define a new phenomenon and strategy at the intersection of street art and social activism. We devised this term in Russia, where we demonstrate in a revolutionary tradition how self-motivated, unauthorized statements and unsolicited action can become key drivers of social and cultural change.

via Mail, Спасибо, Игорь!

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