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Shida in der INOPERAbLE Gallery Wien

Ab dem 10. Mai 2012 ist der australische Künstler Shida mit der Ausstellung “Spirit of Memoria” zu Gast in der Wiener INOPERAbLE Gallery. Vernissage ist am 9. Mai, die Ausstellung läuft bis zum 23. Juni. Wer gerade in Wien ist sollte es nicht verpassen.

Australian based artist Shida will open his new show this Wednesday May 9th at INOPERAbLE, entitled “Spirit of Memora.” The artist has spent the last few months traveling around the world, painting walls, sketching and drawing inspiration from every culture he visits. Spirit of Memora is Shida’s second show with INOPERAbLE and it is amazing to see how the work has developed since 2009. The characters which still resemble those of his first exhibit, now feel much more free and not as weighted down with outlines. The transparency and movement of the new work creates a much more ghostly affect, where the viewer can sometimes not differentiate between the background and the character. 

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