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The Wa: Relaxation situationnelle

Intelligent Street Art at its best. “Relaxation situationnelle” von  The Wa zusammen mit Jérome Fino.

On 21st January, 1995 the French legal system brought into effect new legislation for the prevention of malice within the planning and construction of urban spaces. More commonly referred to as Prevention Situationnelle this law mandates a study of safety for public development projects, public utilities and construction programs. Relaxation situationnelle is a hacked translation of these methods of development for public and private spaces. As such, contemporary French architecture and design requires adherence to this legislation that is essentially targeted at limiting loitering.

These structures often take on a more perverse form, in order to disguise their intention. However, as pictured below, buildings such as banks allude to a pseudo-security conscious purpose; although on further scrutiny, clearly lacking in follow-through. The removed metalwork can even result in an attractive seating opportunity, whilst also serving as a visual metaphor for the reclaimed space.

Mehr von The Wa gibt es hier.

Video: Jérome Fino
Photos: Antoine Rivière

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