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Jana & Js in Wien

Neue Arbeit (stencil!) von Jana & Js in Wien (Westbahnstraße) in Kollaboration mit der INOPERAbLE Gallery.

Recently we were given another wall in the 7th district to currate. We invited our favorite local stencil artists to give it a shot.

We have been working with jana&js for many years now and were happy to have them do a over 5m high stencil in the heart of the photography area of the 7th district. The weather was freezing and windy, making it very difficult for a stencil artist but the two managed and the work is great! It fits perfect in its new home surrounded by the photography museum, leica shop, and Impossible polaroid shop. I wonder how many hipsters will take pictures of this masterpiece with their retro cameras

Congrats Jana! we look forward to welcoming Jana & Js & …. to Vienna soon!

via Mail, danke!
Bild:  INOPERAbLE Wien

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