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Eric Perriard: Urban Souls

Sehr schöne Fotoserie “Urban Souls” von Eric Perriard. Mehr Fotos der Serie gibt es hier auf der Seite des Fotografen. Auch die anderen Fotoprojekte sind einen Blick wert!

“This work started with the aim of investigating a global shift that has fascinated me. Since 2008, for the first time in world history, more people live in cities than in rural areas. I was excited to be able to examine artistically one of the defining steps in the evolution of our civilization, even though this statistic only made official a trend which began long before. Within this context of an accelerating urban setting, I developed a photographic essay about people living in a cosmopolitan environment.

While wandering in Seoul City, I was looking to catch the instant when an isolated character encounters a moment of self-realization. I tried to capture their individuality, thoughts, and feelings such as loneliness or introspection. Has living in cities truly become part of human nature, or are we still adapting ourselves in order to survive? By keeping a certain distance from the subject, I could preserve the tension between the city and its inhabitant in order to start thinking about the human condition in a megalopolis.

However, as I embarked upon this work, I realized that I was photographing my own perception of these situations. I wanted to describe a moment of stillness in a hasty daily life. Then I mixed techniques (random walks and staging) during the process in order to illustrate a personal vision of a human being in an urban environment, as a generic entity filled with deep emotions and interrogations.”

Pictures: Eric Perriard

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