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Windbiel Street Art Blog Interview with TONA

Der Hamburger Street Artist TONA im Interview mit dem Windbiel Street Art Blog.

“- started with graffiti in 1999
- since 2002 he works with stencils
- since 2008 he works with linocut and silk screen printing

WINDBIEL street art blog: Where have you been active yet?

: I’ ve been working in Bristol, London, Wien, Valencia, Athen, Amsterdam,

Paris (thx 2 streetartwithoutborders) and Tel Aviv (thx 2 Inspirecollective) so far.
At the moment I work in Hamburg, Berlin or elsewhere in Germany.

WINDBIEL street art blog: Where do you get your inspiration from?

: Life, interaction, emotion, nature, people…

actually of everything around me if it is inspiring.

… ”

Hier gehts zum restlichen Interview.

via: Mail, danke Tona.
Bild: TONA / Grabowsee

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