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DIY Skate Paint Device von Dave the Chimp

DIY Skate Paint Device von Dave the Chimp, als Antwort auf das Spray Paint Skateboard Interface von D*Face, das ich vor einigen Tagen gepostet habe. Alles was man dazu braucht: Skateboard, Sprühdose, Gaffa Tape, Bindfaden und sein Gehirn. Sehr schöne Antwort!

On Wednesday I saw D*Face’s pool paint attack tool. On Thursday morning I built my own from scraps of foam-core board, gaffer tape, and string, to show that skateboarding is still punk, and punk is about doing things for yourself, creating something from nothing. You don’t need money, famous friends, and months of research and development to create something – you just need to think and to play. So switch off your computer, switch on your brain, and go create something fantastic yourself – you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!!!

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Bild: screen shot

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