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URBAN VISUALS: und plötzlich zerdrückt dich ein großer Finger

Eine ganz besondere Videoinstallation im öffentlichen Raum hat der englische Künstler Chris O ‘ Shea in Liverpool für den BBC  und FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology and Liverpool City Council) realisiert.

Hands from Above, 2009
Liverpool, UK
Chris O ‘ Shea

Hand From Above encourages us to question our normal routine when we often find ourselves rushing from one destination to another. Inspired by Land of the Giants and Goliath, we are reminded of mythical stories by mischievously unleashing a giant hand from the BBC Big Screen. Passers by will be playfully transformed. What if humans weren’t on top of the food chain?

Unsuspecting pedestrians will be tickled, stretched, flicked or removed entirely in real-time by a giant deity.

Bild und Text: Chris O ‘ Shea
via urbanophil
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