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»Boombarstick« Festival 2013 (Vodnjan / Croatia)


Anfang Juli 2013 findet erstmalig das “Boombarstick Urban Arst and Music Festival” in Vodnjan, einer kleinen Stadt in der der kroatischen Region Istria, statt.

“Boombarstick is the independent ‘urban arts & music’ festival taking place from the 3rd to the 7th of July in Vodnjan, a little cool place in Istria. A region which, despite having been under yhe influences of many dominations in the years, still is famous in Croatia for being the only one where different ethnic groups and cultures pacifically coexist.

Now, in the occasion of Croatian ‘official entry’ in the European Union (with all its pros and cons), the festival not only aims to show the whole Europe that a ‘medieval town’ like Vodnjan can create such a fresh event; but mostly that Istrian and European cultures can (and should) reciprocally influence and enrich themselves.

The aim of the Boombarstick infact is to make Istrian people not forget their kaleidoscopic traditions replacing them with the new ‘European mirage’ or other fake myths; but to treasure their culture and learn to share its knowledges, because are the differences what make us unique.”

Dafür, dass das Festival das erste mal an den Start geht, sind eine Menge an spannenden internationalen Künstlern, darunter einige bekanntere Namen, dabei: Phlegm (illustrator, UK) – OKO (street-artist, Croatia) – Sam3 (artist/video-maker, Spain) – Giorgio Bartocci (urban-artist, Italy) – Hitnes (artist, Italy) – Eme (street-artist, Spain) – Ufocinque (artist/set-designer, Italy) – Interesni Kazki (muralists, Ukraine) – Ludo (street-artist, France) – Remed (artist, France) – NeSpoon (artist/artisanPoland) – Emilio Cejalvo (painter, Spain) – Miron Milic (illustrator, Croatia) – Liqen (artist, Spain) – Franco Manzin (sculptor, Croatia)

Zudem gibt es ein umfangreiches Musikprogramm mit: Minima Social Club (swinging rock’n roll band, France) – Soundcheck Regaz (hip-hop band, Croatia) – Manouch’K! (gipsy-jazz band, France) – Ardzen (folk-poet, France) – Spleen (singer/performer, France) – Domenico Curcio (pianist, Belgium) – Drunken Balordi (gipsy/ska band, France) – Debout Merci! (funky-punky/hip-hop band, France) – DJ Sisma (tech/house dj- producer, Croatia) Darüber hinaus gibt es Workshops und anderes Rahmenprogramm.

Wer gerade in in der Nähe ist oder noch Urlaubspläne sucht, der sollte sich überlagen, ob er nicht Anfang Juli einen Abstecher nach Vodnjan zum Boombarstick Festival macht.

all images © Boombarstick

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