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Support »Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution« Buch/Book


Um das schöne Projekt »Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution« als Buch bei From Here To Fame Publishing zu veröffentlichen werden noch unterstützer per Crowd Funding gesucht. Ein absolut unterstützenswertes Projekt, wenn ihr mich fragtt. Hier könnt ihr das Projekt ab 10 Euro via indiegogo unterstützen.

50 photographers, 30 Artists, 20 Essays, 240 pages

After more than 3 years of research and 1.5 years of writing, translating editing and designing…we need your help to finish this book.

Since the beginning of the revolution, we have been involved in Egypt’s thriving urban art scene. We worked in close collaboration with a network of its leading artists on mural projects, events and exhibitions. Over a year ago we started to work on the book ‘Walls of Freedom’, in order to professionally document the Egyptian Street Art explosion. The amazing artworks of the last three years pieced together, tell the whole story of the Egyptian revolution.

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