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Zonenkinder Collective “The Tree Project”

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Das wunderbare “The Tree Project” ist ein laufendes Projekt des Künstlerkollektivs “Zonenkinder“, das bereits im Jahre 2006 begonnen wurde. Seit dem sind viele Bäume verwandelt worden, u.a. in Dänemark, Frankreich und Deutschland. Mehr gibt es auf der Website der Zonenkinder.

“The Tree Project” is an ongoing art project since 2006 inspired by the beauty and the decay of nature. We are constantly in search of new forms of expressions and we love to play with unusual surfaces and locations. In the Tree Project we visualize the atmosphere of the moment, the usually hidden spirit and dreams of the trees and the the living nature which surrounds us. By painting eyes, faces and grimaces on the trees, by ornamenting and dressing them we emphasize our close and unique connection with nature. Thereby reflecting that trees are exceptional and beautiful living individuals. This stands in contrast to the often destructive and indifferent interaction with the environment of mankind. Please note that we take environmental issues serious: for all tree-paintings shown here we use natural and biodegradable colors that will fade away after a while.  All photos of the artworks shown below are available on alu-dibond. Prices/sizes on request.

Here are some impression from Denmark, Germany, France.

all images © Zonenkinder

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